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    • Hi I just made this so that i can introduce my self clearly 🙂

      Name:Peter Vincent R, Mejorada
      Author name:-Oppa V-
      hours active: 10hrs
      days online:Everyday
      page you own(link):
      page you handle(link):
      Message?:Annyeong haseyo! I’am Peter I want to apply as author because of my love to BTS/Bulletproof Boy Scouts/Bangtan Sonyeondan especially to my Ultimate Bias Oppa Taehyung’V, I’am a Loyal,Trustworthy and dedicated to work person,I am good in writing English paragraphs and I am also good at speaking English, I online everyday and update news from different sources like Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr and Blog sites, I joined different kinds of Fandom like ARMY,EXOSTAN and EXOTIC and especially i love Kpop very much because i do believe that without Kpop life on Earth would be so Boring and i know that this APPLY FORM is a bit late but i really do promise that if i would be a part of this I Guarantee Dedication and lots of new updates.

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