131028 Twitter Update Minnie and baby V ^^

131028 Twitter Update Minnie and baby V ^^

[대기실 비하인드] 130928-29 음악중심&인기가요 현장 업데이트! #보고_바로_투표하러가면_되겠다 ->http://mama.interest.me/poll


BTS Rookie King EP04_1 Eng Sub

Disclaimer: We do not own the video. Credits to Kcrazef baby for the subbing. Thanks a lot.

This is the Part 1 of Episode 4 BTS Rookie King subbed by KCrazef baby.
It started with my favorite part of the show, ‘Endplate King’.
This is so funny, BTS didn’t fail on making me laugh. Watch out for the V-Hope kiss.

[ENG] 130917 BTS Rookie King EP3 (2/2)

Disclaimer: We do not own this video.
Credits to BangtanSubs for the subbing.

Hey guys, have you watched the ad of Suga on the previous episode part? It’s so funny right. Considering he doesn’t really know how to cook. In here you’ll get to see their archery skills, horse-riding and chicken fight.

어른아이 by 방탄소년단 MV

By the way I looked up on the title of the song and it says ‘Adult Child’. This was sung by Jin, Rap Monster, and Suga. They all look so handsome and sexy in here, do you agree with me?

Jin in a school uniform is just so hot. HAHA. Lol. Err. Sorry for being bias. Rap Monster is cute. Awesome leader forever. And SUGA is SUGA. He’s sooo handsome too. His voice at the end of the video is just so sexy.

Watch it here if you wanna know.