140401 TWITTER – V

140401 TWITTER - V

뷔를 패는 랜드 인가 여기가 @.@? pic.twitter.com/HKWDmcwTvk
[V] yo this be the land of mah #followerz @.@? pic.twitter.com/HKWDmcwTvk

출저 : 부산 국밥집 옆 식당이름 …. \@-@/
[V] Chool-jeo: (typo!!) Yo this the name of tihs food house next to mah hometown b to the u to the san like the japan thing it a rice with soup place man …. \@-@/

@BTS_twt 출처 오타가……

[?] @BTS_twt The typo… it’s source (chool-cheo )……


2 thoughts on “140401 TWITTER – V

  1. Cuckoo v I hope I hope knows recovered from these emotions is understand my choice I also go to the restaurant but I want Chinese I hope does not make the head I want to get angry with people because I would have kisses to all the trouble you well entertained

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