140401 TWITTER – V

140401 TWITTER - V

사실 저 거창에서 왕자였어요 뒤에있는 과일들 저희집에서 따온거구요 서울오면서 제 신분을 좀 숨겼는데 저 때 보니 좀 그립긴하네요 pic.twitter.com/Jb7SaSR7vy
[V] Yo tbh i was like emperor kuzko them fruits behind were all mind friend my house my backyard(igans). After coming to this like shitty smelling car booming city, soul music or somthing like that i hid mah kingship and i kinda miss being princess kuzko pic.twitter.com/Jb7SaSR7vy
Trans cr; Deniqua and Beyonce @ bts-trans


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