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Last year, in December 7th they held their first showcase in Japan called “1ST JAPAN SHOWCASE” and BTS, the hip hop idol group that are causing a whirlwind held additional performances called “1st JAPAN SHOWCASE -NEXT STAGE-“. In response to the requests of wanting to see more, they held 3 additional performances during the 6th and 7th of January. We’re going to report the 1st day afternoon show now!


As the curtain rose the yellow pen lights shook vividly on the hall. This time’s venue is 4-5 times bigger than the last one but the BTS fans who were seeing them live for the first time more than half.

The fans created a heated atmosphere , the leader, Rap Monster looked back to the last time and said “we still haven’t made a proper debut in Japan but we were surprised that they were more than 46,000 applications (for the concert). This is all thanks to the fans, thanks a lot”. Suga who is in charge of the rap said “we’ll show you an even more amazing stage today” and the venue wowed. A special stage that was even more dynamic than their usual performances.

There was another stage that raised on top of the stage. Focusing on Suga, he made a practical use of that ”higher” stage and their live became really solid.

The performances started after the, “O!RUL8,2?” concept trailer for their last year’s mini album.  The members who wore the same black costumes were surrounded by the back dancers dressed as police officers, and they got shot while matching the dubstep music.  After they were all on the floor, Rap Monster appeared from the center of the stage!  He revived the members while saying “Get Up, Come on Boy”, threw off their tops and changed to their white shirts in a wild way. After a loud siren sound, they rushed to sing their opening track “N.O”.

Rap monster and the golden maknae, Jungkook passed the microphone like it was the baton for a relay to Suga, who wasn’t able to attend last year’s even due to health problems. They appeared suddenly from the upper stage so they could make a surprise appearance, and the hall filled with sounds of joy. At the end, the audience who was shouting “BTS, BTS” became one, Jimin performed a spinning high kick and the excitement rose. The floor was heated up from the begging.

At this time, the full of cuteness V said “excuse me~, wait a little bit~” and ran to the end of the stage clumsily. In fact, while changing their clothes in the opening, Rap Monster who is called the “King of Destruction” was caught in the momentum and ended up tearing his white shirt too. While singing “N.O” he also had to hold his shirt so it didn’t slip down, and had to continue the live while holding it with his mouth. Usually, after the 4D member V’s saved the situation with his wit, I wonder if this performance will become sweet and sour memories in the next years.



The hard sound shines, and following “N.O” performance they showed a versatile talent singing “I like it” and “Coffee” after, in which they changed their images to singing sweet R&B. especially Rap Monster who introduced “Coffee” as “a little special” and was sang for the first time in Japan’s showcase, it also made the fans happy. It’s a cover of the vocal unit’s, URBAN ZAKAPA’s “Drink Coffee” who conserves the original lyrics and newly added rap. It was opened with Jungkook’s sweet voice.

After that two strong songs followed. They kicked off with their debut song, NO MORE DREAM, which has a heavy bass sound, and Jimin showed the “matrix dance” in which he kicked the member’s shoulders while Jungkook supports him, and in “WE’RE BULLETPROOF PT.2” showed a miraculous cap dance and I was fascinated by the high level dance.

Of course, it didn’t end with just this. After that BTS answered the audience’s “Attack on BTS” calls and they appeared on the stage once again with a slow rap. That’s right, the encore started with the treasured “Attack on Bangtan” song. V transformed into a men with glasses, and rapper J-HOPE matched his black fashion with a black bat and hit a big home run. When the visual Jin sang his part all the fans made their voices one, and cheered nonstop as they bid farewell. In the middle of Jungkook’s solo part, the members were divided in the left and right sides of the stage and started waving at the fans below. Lastly, Rap Monster asked “should we sing one more song?” and they performed “Satoori song”, which was also sang for the first time in Japan just as “Coffee”. Full of happiness, the song made all the fans smile and was like a New Year’s present to all of them. At the end V made a really weird pose and he was there until the very end.


At this day, the official Japanese fanclub was also announced. It seems that Bangtan are getting ready to hit the Japanese marked, and they’re also leaning Japanese. Rap Monster also showed a tongue twister like rap “tegami,kagami, hasami, hanami” (letter, mirror, scissors, cherry-blossom viewing), while J-HOPE mastered the phrase “where is the restroom?”.

Jin whose current obsession are the lines “I’m really, really nice~”, said in a letter to the fans: “we still haven’t’ much experience but, we’re confident and we won’t lose to anyone in terms of passion. Today I made a promise, that I’ll create a legend with these members. From now on I’ll do my best so; I look forward to your cheers”.

By the way, at the nigh show, Jin stood on the stage and he also read a letter directed to Suga which took all the members by surprise. In that letter he wrote “I think if I was in the same situation as Suga I wouldn’t have stood on the stage. Suga is BTS’ pride. From now on let’s make a legend”. The letter moved the members and even the audience, and all the members showed a strong unity while embracing each other in the middle of the stage.


They shocked the Japanese traditional k-pop fans showing a hip hop oriented style. In the stage, there were bats and caps and they also showed a lot of high level theatrical tricks. Also,


They had a pleasant talk time called “Tell us, BTS corner” and showed their real selves. By the way,  Jimin says that “the most narcissist” is Suga.  When it comes to the question “if you were a girl, who would you like to be your boyfriend?” Jungkook said Jin and in the Rap Monster vs V hula hoop battle Rap Monster won.


They changed the set list form last time adding 2 new songs, and some people who went last time repeated this time around and were greatly satisfied. Since they even held additional performances, everyone is looking forward to their next concerts! At the end Rap Monster declared: “this year’s goals is to release and album in Japan” while J-HOPE said “Everyone in Japan, you’re pre~tty. From now on we’ll have more activities in Japan so please have great expectations”.  V said his aspirations were to “Make 2014 BTS’s year”; and there’s no doubt about it!



News link: 【REPORT】防弾少年団、日本アンコール公演で進撃“2014年は防弾の年にしたい!一緒に伝説を作ろう”

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans



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