BTS Rookie King EP04_1 Eng Sub

Disclaimer: We do not own the video. Credits to Kcrazef baby for the subbing. Thanks a lot.

This is the Part 1 of Episode 4 BTS Rookie King subbed by KCrazef baby.
It started with my favorite part of the show, ‘Endplate King’.
This is so funny, BTS didn’t fail on making me laugh. Watch out for the V-Hope kiss.

[ENG] 130917 BTS Rookie King EP3 (2/2)

Disclaimer: We do not own this video.
Credits to BangtanSubs for the subbing.

Hey guys, have you watched the ad of Suga on the previous episode part? It’s so funny right. Considering he doesn’t really know how to cook. In here you’ll get to see their archery skills, horse-riding and chicken fight.