Bangtan Boys Web Application Launched!

Hello, and thank you for staying tuned to our blog! We really enjoy viewers to our site, and we hope we can get a ton more in the future ^_^

After a hard night of work, I created a web application that currently works on iOS devices, allowing you to increase the further experience of getting Bangtan Boys news!


The self-published app ‘Bangtan Boys 24/7’ is created by the owner of ‘Bangtan Boys 24/7’ who developed this app to allow people to have news on whatever platform they choose. This app features news from the site, the official BTS YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook pages, as well as a chat to communicate with other members of the ARMY.

Anyways, if you’d like to download this app, scan the following QR code:

or visit this link on your mobile device, and add it to your home screen!

We hope you enjoy, and keep following our updates on the blog!

x Hailey


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